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Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing


On the preceding pages we have introduced you to our diagnostics and treatment concepts

In case you reside nearby or stay in the area for a longer time:

Here we can make the most flexible planning with you and attune the number and frequency of treatments individually to your needs. We can give attention to how intensively you would like to have the work and how serious your ailments are.
Accordingly in many treatments it makes sense to allow for an interval of one to four weeks between treatments at our office.

In case you have to travel from afar:

Even if you have to travel from afar so that you cannot return home the same day, there are still many possibilities to treat you with which we have had excellent experiences.

For anamnesis, diagnostics and therapy session the appointments should be planned for two days in sequence.

After that we stay in touch by phone or e-mail during your treatment. For a number of treatments this may suffice.

For more complex issues and if you wish to make faster progress, we suggest coming for treatment with us for a couple of days. On two to five subsequent days we will treat you at our office daily.

The exact duration, frequency and extent of treatments during those treatment days will be planned and coordinated with you.

Especially when you are coming from far away, Remote Healing can be pivotal, it can be your key.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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