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Skin and Allergies

“When I first came to Schreiber-Ringel naturopath office my body had deposited 20 kilos of water. This was caused by taking cortison for years. Still my skin had open sores in many places and I was not able to work or even lie down. Everything was painful. All treatments and cures, even inpatient had only worsened my condition. It could not be done in a day, my skin needed time for healing:

By way of the detox treatment at Schreiber-Ringel naturopathy, my skin healed again within 4 months. Afterwards I was able to work again and lead a normal life.

(Andrea G., Flörsheim, 32 yrs.)

The skin is a key excretory organ of the body. In naturopathy the skin is often termed the third kidney. In traditional Chinese Medicine it is assumed, that the skin flushes out everything that kidneys and intestines can not excrete . Thus the skin is something like an overflow valve for toxins in the body. Skin ailments in this context are the consequence of a total overload in the body.

Salves and ointments – especially those containing Cortisone - will often suppress rather than heal the cause.

Allergies to us constitute an over-irritation and over-reaction caused by a complete overburdening of the organism. Allergies may show up as skin ailments, they may also come in many other guises such as hayfever, via indigestion, incompatibilities of foods all the way up to chronic inflammatory intestinal conditions.

For our work we see the observations of Dr. Kremer on cell power plants (Mitochondria) and cell symbiosis as trail blazing: once the cell is overburdened with waste, then the cell power plants tune down to emergency mode in metabolism and the organism reacts with disease: based upon high waste load the cell initiates emergency reactions, which take the shape of inflammation, congestion in various extremities, allergies or skin ailments.

Our treatment of skin ailments therefore begins with a diligent diagnostic of stress factors. From this diagnostic results, we move directly to the therapy planning with detoxification and Regeneration of the entire organism and building up the body again:

Via orthomolecular medicine - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and numerous other means – the toxins are absorbed and removed. In combination with frequency therapy these agents are transported optimally on site and have multiplied stronger effect.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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