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You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing

Remote Healing

“Our daughter studied to become a teacher. What began quite beautifully became increasingly difficult over time. It was not so much the difficulty of the material, that had to be learned, but there was little cooperation or support from the older teachers to the students.

Most of her co-students suffered badly from this atmosphere of mistrust and rivalry. To us it seemed, that our daughter was at the brink of collapsing. We decided to have her supported with Remote Healing.

It certainly wasn’t all turned into sunshine and roses. But suddenly we felt that the power of our daugther came back and she could work and fight again.

Several of her mates failed, but she passed all her exams just fine. She applied for the post of a teacher on a school close to her home. It still seems like a miracle to us, that among the 40 applicants she was chosen.

(Ernst & Christine B.)

As an internationally working therapist, my work is both: exciting and exhausting. I often work with large groups of people in many different countries. The people that come to me often went through a rather traumatic life and do now ask for healing.

Even more it is important for me to get support and to handle these energies. Yes, certainly, I have my techniques, my meditations and I know how to heal myself. And still, life is so much easier and so much more elegant if we allow support and cooperation.

I receive Remote Healing continually over the last years now and I use it for all arenas of my life. With the amazingly advanced energies that are used in this process I feel my life flourishing and being uplifted. Certainly I will use this support in the future as well.

(Horst T., 71 yrs.)

Remote Healing can and will not replace the treatment in our practice. It is not a medical work, but a healers work.

This however makes it so versatile and potentially effective. It can be an amazing addition to our medical work, but it can also stand alone and help where people would not be open to or accessible by our medical workings.

In that regard, Remote Healing can assist you in any physical healing, but beyond it can help you with emotional. mental and spiritual issues. It can in general alleviate your challenges of your daily life and it can be the extra boost in your ongoing projects, be they private, family or even business.

They can help you bringing back the lost depth of soul and the breath of spirit. It can assist you as the searchlight on a life path through what could be otherwise dark and dire roadways.

It is certainly the most versatile way in which we work: we set up an energy / information that will support you every day throughout the whole day and all aspects of your life. The support is usually gentle and can be very profound. Remote Healing - to be fully effective - is usually administered over a longer period of time, at least 3 - 6 months.


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