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You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing

Fungi, Parasites and Viruses

“ When my parents took me to Schreiber-Ringel naturopathy office, I was two weeks old. I had screamed for 2 weeks (except for 30 Minutes) non stop, so my parents told me. The Physicians had diagnosed me with “congenial Cytomegalia” .

My life expectation would have been short, and my life characterized by organ weaknesses as well as physical and mental impairments. Key for the treatment of this virus was back then dark field blood check and Sanum Therapy. It still seems a miracle today. After 2 weeks I was able to sleep through and after 4 weeks this virus was no longer in evidence (by conventional medicine).

My development went great and my parents still tell me today that I could speak complex words as early as age 1 1/2.

My school years went great and today I am a healthy and happy young woman.

(Charlotte W., 15 yrs.)

Fungal diseases often seem persistent and hard to treat. Many patients, when treated with antimycotics suffer permanent relapses.

Therefore in our practice we take the path of restoring the milieu: instead of destroying the fungus we try to changes the condition in the organism – the Milieu – in such manner that fungal diseases can heal and Parasites lose their base for livelihood.

Parasites can deeply impair the organism by the toxins they produce.

Viruses can be dormant for years undiscovered inside the body and cause ailments. Thus the cause hiding behind a migraine may be for instance viruses of the Coxsackie group. Once the regular check ups do not find anything, one must always think of viruses and bacteria.

We start Diagnostics with Dark field Blood testing as per Prof.Dr. Enderlein, where the live blood (one drop of blood from the earlobe) is examined unchanged under a special microscope.

A multitude of stress factors can quickly ball up and create a breeding ground for fungi and parasites: toxic metal, Herpes, Lyme, Coxsackie, Epstein- Barr, Influenza virus, geopathic stress factors, dental, as well as old vaccine burdens.

These may chronically weaken the immune system and thus prevent success in therapy. They must be tested and flushed out.

The treatment we compare with restoring a moist wall, where mold has developed: only once the wall has been dried out and restored can fungi and parasites be dispelled.

In our treatment we employ Sanum Therapy by way of isopathic remedies as per Prof. Enderlein in accordance with the dark field blood diagnostic. The acid-base equilibrium of tissue is of crucial importance.

Especially the elimination of toxic metals is important, as in the body yeast fungi may also take over a protective function against toxic metals: only once all toxic metals have been flushed out does candida lose its breeding ground and can really leave.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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