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You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing

Muscles, Tendons and Joints

I suffered from dragging pains from the hip tot he left foot, I could barely take a step, after 200 m run I had to turn back. The ailments worsened for months, nothing helped that lasted.

After 3 energetic treatments at Schreiber-Ringel Naturopathic office, it got a lot better, after various homeopathic globules, 2 weeks later all my aches and walking disabilities had disappeared. Today I can take hikes as before. Thank you.

(Gabriele R., 61 yrs.)

“ Pain is the tissue’s outcry for flowing energy ” (Dr. med. R. Voll)

Ailments of the locomotion system include a large spectrum: it often starts with light back pains or problems in the joints, as almost everybody has known before.

Yet sometimes the problems with muscles, tendons and joints turn chronic. The terminology for this is manifold - from arthritis, arthrosis via tennis elbow, lumbago - and the much used term rheumatism are but a pool for the great variety of ailments stating nothing about the actual cause.

Once the ailments continue and become system-wide, such terms as polyarthritis or fibromyalgia come into play.

Naturopathy tries to approach this subject matter from many complimentary sides - in diagnostics, as well as in therapy:

  • What “rubs” you in the joints? What are possible causes of inflammation?
    Once a metabolism has run off track for a long period of time, this results in waste deposits and acidosis, a Milieu which promotes inflammation.
  • Which Toxins have built deposits?
    At times heavy single loads, sometimes, however many small ones - like sand in the gears: we do evaluative testing to determine the starting point for treatment.
    Once ailments have become chronic:
    Did the organism lack crucial nutrients? Was the nutrition unfit?
  • Vaccination, maybe hay fever the year after? Are there any undiscovered Allergies against certain foodstuffs? How can the organism and tissue be rebuilt?
  • Is the Regulatory System blocked? How to get it back in Gear?
    Methods offered are: Frequency- and vibration therapy at today‘s state of the art. acupuncture, laser treatments, energetic treatment with light and information
  • For removing Metabolic Waste from muscles and tissue:
    Here the grand Traditions of naturopathy come into play: massages, cupping massage, lymph drainage, Baunscheidt and possibly leeches as well.
  • What does the pain want to tell me?
    Behind every pain lies an unheard message of the soul.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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