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Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing

Life’ s passages - a chance to start all over again

“ Not even to mention my migraine. Headaches have plagued me for all my life, they had become a steady companion. As I came to Schreiber- Ringel it was due to other ailments which got better during the treatment.

All the more it astonished me, when my migraine was gone as well after 3 months just like that from one day to the next. I talked then for the first time at the Naturopathic office of my migraine, and with it the cause was clarified: in the context of the Therapy influenza viruses were found and expelled as well. And in fact I now recalled that my migraine began in 1953 after a severe Hongkong Flu. Thus I leant, that simple influenza viruses may cause ailments in the body for years after.

Since that time my migraine is a thing oft he past. Since then I travel a lot, visiting my sister in Canada, for the first time in 40 years. I took dancing lessons, found a partner at age 70 which is 16 years ago now.”

(Mrs. Müller, Wiesbaden, 86 yrs.)

Crisis in life can take many shapes and forms and show up in in physical, mental and/or emotional arenas.

They can have manifold sources:

  • Hyperactive Kids, adolescents in puberty
  • Partnership, lovesickness
  • Separation
  • Job: Termination, Harassment at work, Change
  • Midlife crisis, identity crisis
  • Serious illness, acute or chronic
  • Death, Mourning - they can have effects in various aspects
  • Physical ailments of all sorts, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pains all over the body
  • Mental strain, feelings of emptiness, where has the purpose of my life gone?
  • Vague fears, panic attacks

This can mean crisis: caused by illness - acute or chronic - by change - changeover in life, in partnership, in family or in the job.
But also crisis or change in the surrounding can mix up thoughts and feelings and even become predecessors to illness.

Some crises come with a major traumatic event, others come creeping up like cobwebs, that slowly build over time.

The diagnoses following this are often empty names revealing nothing of the actual causes: the latter can be multilayered.

Each crisis calls for it’s own optimal combination of diagnostics, regeneration and energy medicine:

By using a wealth of treatment methods we have the chance to cast light upon the crisis from all angles and thus develop an optimal and individual approach together with you.

Perception of the feelings, of soul and spiritual aspects can show new paths and open doors which remained shut up to now.

Consequently that which came into life as a crises can become a gate into a new freedom and become a new life.


Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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