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Dental restoration

“ When I came to Schreiber-Ringel Naturopathy office 15 years ago, I weighed only 39 Kg. I became more and more emaciated, was able to only eat three sorts of vegetables and potatoes at that time and drink water. My oral mucosa was open sores, and my entire belly felt likewise. I had not found any solution for my problems so far, I felt I must die soon. At a monastery I was advised to get a check up at Schreiber- Ringel naturopathy office. There I was instantly asked about the components used in the dental area. One dental crown consisted of 1,2% Palladium and I learned, that some people may react to minute quantities of that metal by producing strong symptoms.

Now there was a cooperation with a capable dentist: while the naturopathic treatment was slowly building up my sapped organism, the dentist started with removing the crowns and metals and with intermediate treatment. Then followed a detoxification and finally a new crown was set in place. A few months later I had my normal weight back and was able to live a normal life and work again.

(Ruth H., Würzburg, 50 yrs.)

Not all dental materials are safe for human health: the mercury contained in silver amalgams for instance is highly toxic, and amalgam residue must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Adhesives may contain toxic Monomers.

Yet even components of Gold alloys such as Palladium or Iridium have been in discussion since the mid-90s as possible factor in a multitude of ailments such as allergies, depressions, gastric- and intestinal inflammations.

Underneath the teeth there may be dormant chronic-inflammable dental infections, weakening the entire organism.

Restoring the dental area is the job of a competent dentist.

Purpose of our treatments is pre- and post-processing of such dental restorations, as well as accompanying, by way of: laser treatment of jaw, Sphinx (frequency) therapy for activating circulation and detoxification of tissue. An encompassing test enables us to localize stress factors and flush them out.

We employ patient-friendly methods for eliminating toxic metals. Chelation builders such as DMPS or EDTA are not utilized by us, due to the potential for long term negative side effects.

A deciding factor in restoring dental health lies in healing the milieu. Target of Sanum Therapy is to regenerate the milieu.

The latter strengthens the dental area and supports the dentist in his work.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
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