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Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
You feel sick - yet nobody finds anything?
It is our focus to hear the messages concealed within an illness and bring about healing

You feel ill, sapped of strength, over-stressed, you look for ways to regain your health.
There are several ways to regain your health with natural cures.
We work with “healthy, natural cures”, no chemistry, no allergenic additives.

Especially when you are coming from far away, Remote Healing can be pivotal, it can be your key.

All too frequently diagnoses provide names without meaning as to the true causes of illnesses.

Every illness requires an optimal combination of diagnostics and treatments method: we work together with you in order to compile the optimal combination of regeneration and energy medicine - chosen for you from our multitude of treatment possibilities.

We have been working with this methodical approach for more than 20 years and are experienced in treating patients who come to us from around the globe. You are invited to get to know us, our diagnostics and our ways of therapy on our web site.

Holistic Medical Practice Schreiber-Ringel
Maria Ringel-Schreiber, Dipl.-Soz. Päd, Healing practitioner
Thomas Schreiber-Ringel, Dipl. Psych., Healing practitioner
Tel. ++49 - 61 45 - 94 10 10 e-mail: info@synergy-healing.eu

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